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tentatively introduces one of my older characters to the world…

victor is the singer and lyricist of a band that’s kind of shit, but he knows it’s shit and loves it anyway. he’s a bit manic depressive, and is as likely to spend his day causing havoc as he is to be face down in his bed.

he’s generally pretty silly around his friends, but will mad dog or otherwise invade the personal space of strangers just to make them uncomfortable.

also he owns boogie monster the opossum, which is how boogie monster originally came to be

i haven’t read a single piece of dialogue since i started playing




kidicarusiscrazy asked: writhing in shit because someone stole your style and got more attention? a little birdie told me you have your minions do your can keep your shitty attitude and your negativity to yourself,STRANGER.


shiba thinkin about potato chips

feverworm asked: hey, can you not remove the artists comments from artworks you've reblogged? i noticed you did it to one of my posts and it's kind of annoying, especially since the comment mentioned how i made the piece.


No, I’ve been on tumblr for YEARS now and I have NEVER had complaints until today.I leave the link/credit their for anyone interested in furthering the info on the specific piece. Sorry but I’m not sorry. This is tumblr, we are ALLOWED to delete anything or add anything we see fit.If you are so worried about individuals deleting your comments then perhaps you should post your art elsewhere. However, I will gladly delete your work off my blog if you let me know which one it is.

Have a nice day

you’re “allowed” to do a lot of things on this website, it doesn’t mean it’s good practice.

why is leaving the artist’s comments such a huge problem? it’s more work for you to delete the comment and replace it with a link than it is to just leave it.

13 dollars each, just send me a fanmail with the name of the one you want

payment will be made via paypal

tigre: taken

rosebud:  taken

raptor: taken

outlaw: availaible

aqueous: taken


made a little gengrel in emofuri