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feverworm’s pooply commissions

tier 1: paintings

busts, halfbodies or fullbodies with minimal background

starting at 80$ usd

tier 2: painted sketches

half bodies or full bodies with no background or minimal background

starting at 30$ usd

tier 3: experimental painted chibi and other

full body chibis or other cartoony poops with no background or minimal background. style changes slightly from subject to subject

starting at 40$ usd

i’m opening up a handful of slots, though priority is being given to the few who still have pending orders. all payments will be made via paypal. all orders should include the following form and be sent to

  • tumblr name:
  • style/ tier:
  • character references:
  • other notes or comments:

if you have any requests that aren’t listed here, drop me an ask or email or sommat and we can work something out.

omg this is stupid but..

does anyone wanna draw victor a friend

you can either fill in the placeholder in this pic or draw something from scratch

don’t forget to include their name and a few facts about them

if you have any questions just send me an ask or sommat wheeze

victor tends to overdo things





An event based on the popular Secret Santa, except instead of being Christmas-related, it is Halloween-related! It’s an art gift exchange where you are given a random artist participant, and you draw them something based on their Tricklist (aka wishlist that consists…

afternoon reblob!

dis was fun last time :o)

armored frills

moonlit gengrel

baumi custom adoptable auction wkejhkjghkgjh

this is the last adoptable related thing i’m going to post for a while, i promise

very sorry for the spam

god i hope this is clear, if not you can also view it here

also if anyone notices any redundancies, typos or conflicting info please tell me. it’s 5 am and i don’t know what i’m doing

a few people have been asking for customs so i thought i would put together some rarity charts for possible build-yer-own custom events idk

baumi are my closed species of fairy ents nature spirits. please don’t go makin your own without permission etc

sometimes magicians breed baumi to be small enough to fit inside a bottle, which are then used as good luck charms. the magically captured baumi need no nutrients or air to survive, though they require sunlight to keep from wilting.
the shock of being released from their bottles has a chance of killing the baumi instantly.

bid here